What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Consuming CBD has become an essential step in the routines of many people today. Although these products provide great benefits, the taste of CBD oil may be very discomforting to some.

If you are one of these people, look no further, as today we will discuss some ways to prepare for the taste of CBD oil. 

The Taste of CBD is “Earthy”

Before taking your first dose of CBD Oil, it may be beneficial to determine the specific tastes and flavors that do not sit well with your tastebuds. 

If you are a first-time consumer of CBD oils or any other CBD products, you may not be aware that these products have a very similar taste to different types of cannabis. This specific “earthy” taste is specifically found in products that are made from the hemp plant. 

Overall, the taste of CBD oils comes down to the content of terpene that is found in the specific product. Terpenes are compounds that naturally occur in all forms of cannabis. These terpenes have a particular and distinctive taste and smell. Therefore, you can instantly taste the flavor of cannabis. 

How Can I Mask The Taste of CBD Oil?

If you purchase a full-spectrum CBD product, there is really no way to mask the specific taste of cannabis. The only way to hide this taste in these specific products is to look for a flavored CBD oil. Vinyasa Botanicals offers various types of flavored tinctures:

Additionally, if the taste of the oil is something you cannot get past, CBD capsules may be a good option, as they have no flavor at all.

Why Put it Under Your Tongue?

When you purchase CBD tinctures, you will most likely find that the instructions tell you to place some drops under your tongue, wait 30 seconds, and then swallow the oil. Many wonder if this is necessary, and the short answer is yes – you must follow the exact directions provided to you.

The process of allowing the oil to sit under your tongue allows for high absorption of the oil into your bloodstream. Under your tongue, there are more blood vessels than any other spot in your mouth. It will enable the oil to be absorbed faster, which is referred to as sublingual administration. 

One downside to this process of sublingual administration is it does not cover up the taste of the oil. Keep reading to learn ways to hide the taste of CBD oil but still consume the oil properly. 

How to Hide the Taste

While the best way to hide the taste of CBD oil is to purchase a flavored tincture, there are a few tips and tricks listed below that can help you hide the flavor of your CBD:

  • Eat something sweet or flavorful before using the oil
  • Brush your teeth before 
  • Purchase gummies, not oil

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While CBD oil may be one of the best CBD products on the market, the flavor of the oil is a major downfall. There are multiple ways to mask the flavor, but overall, the best thing to do is just work on getting yourself acquainted with the taste. 

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