The Beginners Guide to CBD Oil

The market for CBD products is growing faster than ever, as individuals look to treat various health conditions with organic options. But for beginners, understanding CBD can be very confusing at first. One specific type that is purchased by many is CBD oil. 

But what exactly does this contain and mean? Look no further. We here at Vinyasa Botanicals are here to help you understand all there is to know about CBD!

What is CBD Oil? 

CBD Oil contains small amounts of compounds found in a cannabis plant, not including THC. CBD oil is made from: 


Over 100 different cannabinoids can be found in a cannabis plant. CBD and THC are two examples of cannabinoids, and they each produce a psychoactive and therapeutic reaction.


These are found in all different plants, including vegetables. Specifically, in the cannabis plant, there are 20 other flavonoids. This compound can aid in reducing inflammation and cancer, in addition to its therapeutic aspect.


Terpenes are responsible for the scent of a plant, and more than 150 terpenes can be found in a hemp plant bud. These also contribute to the therapeutic relief that cannabis provides. 

Vinyasa Botanicals CBD oil products contain all three major components of hemp, making them more effective. When the three components of hemp work together, they create more benefits for the body.

Does CBD Oil Contain THC?

Since Vinyasa Botanicals CBD products contain all three major components of the cannabis plant, they contain a small amount of THC. 

Additionally, Vinyasa Botanicals provides lab reports to inform our consumers about how much THC is in their specific product. See our testing here:

What Are the Benefits of Vinyasa Botanicals CBD Oil?

Experts and users of Vinyasa Botanicals CBD Oil believe that the added cannabinoids and terpenes working amongst each other produce more benefits and a better taste than other types of CBD. This means that our CBD tends to be more effective than other forms. Additional benefits of CBD oil are listed below.

  • Terpenes provide aromatherapy relief.
  • Aid those with sleep disorders.

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